Beautiful Fangirl special edition out now

Hey! I’ve got some Fangirl news!

On May 12, 2015, you can get a Fangirl special edition featuring gorgeous fan art and an excerpt from my upcoming Simon Snow novel, Carry On.



Barnes and Noble has a raspberry red cover with a mint ribbon bookmark and dark gray case.

Indigo in Canada has a yellow cover with a dark pink bookmark and purplish brown case.

AmazonTarget and indie bookstores have a salmony light pink with a light pink bookmark and red case.

You can order a signed or personalized copy from my hometown bookstore. (Leave a note in the “notes” section saying who you’d like the book personalized to.)

(I feel both EXCITED and SORRY about these color options, because if I was interested in a special edition, choosing would make me crazy.)

Each book features a Q&A with me, plus full-color artwork by some of my favorite Tumblr (and everywhere else) artists: Simini BlockerLily WilliamsLeela Wagner and Valeria Bogado. (Something that makes me happy: This is a book about a fan writer, featuring fan art, including canon inspired by fictional fan fiction. haHAha.)

The excerpt from Carry On -- which comes out in October -- is a big face-off between Baz and Simon down in the catacombs below Watford. 

Thank you to everyone who has already read and purchased and made Fangirl fan works. That enthusiasm is the reason my publisher went ahead with this edition!