Five things you need to know about 'Carry On'

1. Carry On comes out Oct. 6th in the U.S. and Oct. 8th in the UK.

You can order signed copies from my hometown bookstore, the Bookworm. Just make a note of who you would like the book personalized to. 

2. It's a standalone fantasy novel about Simon and Baz, two characters you first met in Fangirl. 

4. I'm going on tour!

Check out my events page for more details. And check with individual libraries and bookstores for RSVP and ticket info. I'm excited to visit a few brand new cities. (Chicago! St. Louis!) 



4. There are playlists.

Here are two playlists I made while I was writing, one for each main character. I always make playlists as I write, and they follow the plot and mood of the book. So ... beware of mood spoilers!

Here's Baz.
And here's Simon.


5. I really, really hope you like it.