A short story for World Book Day

BRITISH AND IRISH READERS: I have something coming just for you!

“Kindred Spirits” is a short story I wrote for World Book Day, a celebration of books and reading for kids in the UK and Ireland. 

It will be available in bookstores (online bookstores, too) on February 25th, the same day that the Carry On paperback is released in the UK.

You may have heard that “Kindred Spirits” is a book; it’s actually a short story – about a girl named Elena camping out to see the new Star Wars movie.

The “for older readers” badge just means “for older schoolchildren.” My books are normally 14+. This story doesn’t have any cursing (there might be a “damn” in there), and there isn’t a hint of sex or violence. So maybe it’s 11+?

Anyone can buy it, and it reads like my other YA books, I think.

I was supposed to go to London for the big World Book Day Teen Fest, but, honestly, I’m too exhausted to make it. (Last year was an anvil that fell on me.) BUT THE PARTY WILL GO ON. Queen of Teen Juno Dawson will be there, as well as Sara Barnard, author of Beautiful Broken Things. (There’s a sample of Beautiful Broken Things at the back of “Kindred Spirits.” Check it out!) 

And I’m still going to try my best to make it to the UK soon. I love it there. And I’m all out of M&S breakfast tea.

(AMERICAN READERS: “Kindred Spirits” will probably be available here next year, in some form or another. Stay tuned.)