Can you help defend Eleanor & Park from censorship?

Since Eleanor & Park came out three years ago, it's been challenged a number of times by people who don't believe it's appropriate for teens to read. These challenges can get ugly -- books banned, author visits canceled, librarians threatened. 
When this happens -- to my book and others -- the National Coalition Against Censorship swoops in heroically to defend the books and our freedom to read. 
But during these challenges, the voices of readers are rarely heard. Especially the voices of young readers. 
I can defend my book, the NCAC can say why the book is valuable for teens -- but that isn't nearly as powerful as testimonials from readers.
Could you help?
If Eleanor & Park was important to you -- or to your students -- could you write a letter saying so? 
It doesn't have to be long. And you don't have to be a teen to share your experience. (Though, again, the NCAC would really love to hear from young adults.)
If the book made you laugh or cry... If it changed the way you see yourself or other people...  If you thought to yourself, "I'm so glad to be reading this while I'm in high school"... Or "I wish that I'd had this book in high school ..."
Please, write it down and send it to the NCAC. They'll be so grateful.
And so will I.
Here's the address -- 
19 Fulton St., Suite 407
New York, NY 10038

Or email  --