Celebrate indie bookstores with 'Kindred Spirits'

I'm excited to announce that a special hardcover edition of my short story, "Kindred Spirits," will be featured during this year's Independent Bookstore Day celebration. 

Indie Bookstore Day -- April 29th this year -- is a big, nationwide party. Check here to see if your local bookstore is participating. There will be special events, author visits, one-of-a-kind book giveaways...  

That's what this is, a one-of-a-kind giveaway. My publisher, St. Martin's Press, is offering this beautiful green hardcover edition of "Kindred Spirits," designed on the outside by Olga Grlic and on the inside by Anna Gorovoy.

I wrote "Kindred Spirits" for World Book Day, a literacy holiday in the UK, and until now, it's only been available there. (Though I know many of you scored multiple copies on Book Depository!)

This hardcover edition will be extremely limited. And it will not be offered again. So, if you want one, it's worth calling your participating local bookstore and finding out what their plan is for April 29th.

If you don't get one, well ... that will be a bummer. Because it is very cool. BUT it will not be a tragedy: I'm working on a way to make the story available to U.S. readers in a less glamorous form. (And eventually to readers worldwide; that's trickier). 

"Kindred Spirits" is about Elena, a true blue Star Wars fan, who -- defying her mother's wishes -- decides to camp outside the movie theater for The Force Awakens. Elena expects bonding and celebration, and fandom nirvana. What she gets is a cold patch of sidewalk, no place to go the bathroom, and Gabe -- a grumpy boy who resents sharing his Star Wars experience with a girl like her.