Get a personalized copy of the 'Carry On' paperback!

I'm working with the Bookworm, my local indie bookstore, to offer signed and personalized copies of the new Carry On paperback  -- this one with the gorgeous cover illustration by Kevin Wada:

carry on FINAL1.jpg

You can order your copy right here on the Bookworm's website. If you'd like to order any of my other books or editions at the same time, I'm happy to sign and personalize them all at once. 

The Bookworm WILL ship internationally, but it can be expensive. Ask first about shipping to your country (

This is important: When you check out, please leave all personalization instructions in the "order comments" field, which looks like this:

Please make sure to tell me who the book is for!

Please make sure to tell me who the book is for!

Signed books are always available at the Bookworm. What's special about this, is that I'm offering personalization, too. 

I'll probably stop by the store a few days before the book is released (May 9), so that they can ship orders out as soon as possible.

I can't wait for everyone to see this book in person. The design by Olga Grlic and Anna Gorovoy is really breathtaking.