GOOD NEWS: My short story "Kindred Spirits" is finally available in the U.S.!

My agent, Christopher Schelling, and I are publishing "Kindred Spirits" as an ebook and donating all proceeds to the ACLU Foundation. ALL OUR PROCEEDS. ALL OF THEM.

Online bookstores take a cut of sales, but we'll donate everything else to the ACLU to support its ever-more-important work defending the rights guaranteed to all Americans by our Constitution.

You can buy it on Nook.

Or Kobo.

Or iBooks.

Or Amazon.

"Kindred Spirits" was originally written for World Book Day in the United Kingdom. Here's a description of the story:

A short story about waiting and believing -- but mostly waiting -- by the New York Times bestselling author of Eleanor & Park, Fangirl and Carry On

When Elena decided to camp out for the next Star Wars movie, she was expecting a celebration, a communion -- a line full of people who love Star Wars so much, they have to share it. 

She wasn't expecting this: a freezing sidewalk, nowhere to pee, and three nights stuck with a boy who decided not to like her before they even met.

It's enough to make a girl leave the line...

But Elena came here for Star Wars, and it will take more than bad weather and a dumb boy to squash her spirits.