Get the first 6 issues of Runaways in 1 nifty paperback!

Hey, so, maybe you’ve been curious about that comic book I’ve been writing, but you weren’t ready to make the leap to comics…

GOOD NEWS! The first six issues will be collected into a paperback book. You can preorder it now at any sort of bookstore or comic shop.

The book is a continuation of an existing Marvel comic. (My favorite!) But you don’t have to read the old comic to understand the story that artist Kris Anka and I are telling. Basically, if you like my YA books, there’s a really good chance you’d like RUNAWAYS.

If you like teens who talk a lot and feel a lot and make a lot of mistakes… IT’S THE COMIC FOR YOU.

Also, the first six issues tell a complete story arc. So this paperback collection is a nice way to catch up or dive in.