Catch up with the RUNAWAYS! Vol. 2 is out this month!

runaways trade cover.jpg

I’m having the time of my life writing the monthly Runaways comic for Marvel. The second collection comes out this month, and it’s got my favorite issues so far. I hope you’ll give it a shot!

If you like my young adult books, Runaways is probably right up your alley. (Lots of dialogue. Intense friendships. Ethical problems. Kissing.)

I know that diving into comics can be intimidating… Runaways is a revival of an older title, but we’ve really worked to make it accessible and enjoyable for new readers. Start with the first trade paperback, RUNAWAYS: FIND YOUR WAY HOME, which collects the first six issues by artist Kris Anka, colorist Matt Wilson, and me.

Then you’re ready for the new collection, another six-issue story arc — RUNAWAYS: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.

I loved writing this arc because we got to pay off some of the stories we’d been building for the last year. Gert finally faces being yanked into the future. Nico finally takes a big risk. Victor finally comes clean. (Lots of finallys!) Plus I felt like Kris and I knew each other so well at this point, we were storytelling in complete synch.

This collection features a few behind-the-scenes extras, including a script excerpt from Issue 11 (Gert’s identity crisis), and Kris’s spectacular style guides for each issue.

It comes out in comic book stores first, on October 17th, and then other bookstores on October 30th.

You can pre-order a signed and personalized copy of RUNAWAYS: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER from my hometown indie bookstore, The Bookworm. Order by Halloween, and I’ll sign/personalize your whole order. (They carry the first trade paperback collection, too.) Make sure to leave a note in the comments, giving me instructions for personalizations.)