Last night I realized that I've got a lot of STUFF happening or about to happen. I try to keep interested parties posted on social media -- but maybe it would be helpful to put everything all in one place...

So here's everything I've got cooking and coming, including books, merch and -- I swear! -- a novel:


 RUNAWAYS  -- I've been writing a monthly comic book for Marvel, and I'm loving it. Our sixth book came out this week, the end of the first story arc, and you can now order a paperback collection of all six issues from any comic or book shop. (Amazon, Powell's, Barnes & Noble)

Yes! These are the same characters that are on the Hulu show, though I'm writing them when they're a little older.

If you've never read comics, but you like my books -- you might want to give this collection a try. It's got teenagers, broken hearts, jokes, a dinosaur... Basically, it's a lot like one of my books but with beautiful artwork by Kris Anka and Matt Wilson. 

For people who are reading the comic each month -- thank you. Your support gave us the chance to do at least six more issues after this arc. That's a whole year of Runaways!


PUMPKINHEADS  -- I'm collaborating with artist Faith Erin Hicks on a graphic novel about two best friends who work at an over-the-top pumpkin patch. I think it's the rompiest thing I've ever written. And Faith has captured the spirit of the story perfectly. This is coming out Fall 2019 from First Second Books.


ALMOST MIDNIGHT -- My UK publisher put together this truly lovely short story collection. Both short stories -- Kindred Spirits and Midnights -- have been published before. But here they're illustrated by Simini Blocker, one of my favorite artists and people. 

And the book itself is so pretty. It's smallish and covered in a glittery cloth (at least in its first print run). The book can be found in bookshops in the UK, Ireland and Australia. And the Philippines has its own paperback edition. 

But you can also order it really affordably on Book Depository. They offer free shipping to the U.S.


KINDRED SPIRITS and THE ACLU -- If you're in the U.S., you can order this short story about Star Wars fans in ebook form (wherever you buy ebooks), and all of the proceeds will go to the ACLU Foundation. 


MERCH -- I have two new T-shirts coming to the DFTBA store! (By two wonderful artists.) I can show them to you on Valentine's Day. I've had a really good experience with DFTBA: They're easy to work with, they ship worldwide. It's the only place you can buy legal merch for my books. I split profits evenly with the artists.

SECRET PROJECT -- I'm running out of secrets -- down to just one secret project that I can't talk about! But I am hoping against hope that this news breaks by summer.

NOVEL -- I am writing a YA novel, I promise I've got 50,000 words and a title and a playlist! I kind of crashed writing my last book, and for a while, I wasn't sure I wanted to do it again. (Even though that book -- Carry On -- is my favorite of my books.) Working on these other projects helped me catch my breath and remember that I really love writing.

I hope that when this book comes out, a few of you will still remember me.