Order personalized books from my local indie bookstore!

Because I have two books coming out this fall — Pumpkinheads on Aug. 27 and Wayward Son on Sept. 24 — I’ve decided to sign and personalize any books ordered through my local bookstore, The Bookworm.

The Bookworm always has signed copies of my books in stock. But if you order this summer/fall, I’ll also personalize your books, as many as you want. “Personalization” means I’ll write your name on the title page — or the name of the person you’re giving the book to. (“Dear Cath Avery….”) And I’ll sign it, of course.

This includes all of my books, even the Runaways collections.

The only catch is that your order won’t be shipped until after Wayward Son comes out on Sept. 24, 2019.

So, if you want signed books, you can get those anytime.

If you want personalized books, those will get shipped in September. Don’t forget to write the name you want me to use in the personalizaton in the “Notes.” After October, I’ll close personalization again.


Do you live outside the United States?

If you need international shipping, the most affordable place to order a signed copy of Carry On is through DFTBA.com. They will also have signed copies of Wayward Son.

If you have any questions about this stuff, hit me up on Twitter!