Can you help defend Eleanor & Park from censorship?

Since Eleanor & Park came out three years ago, it's been challenged a number of times by people who don't believe it's appropriate for teens to read. These challenges can get ugly -- books banned, author visits canceled, librarians threatened. 
When this happens -- to my book and others -- the National Coalition Against Censorship swoops in heroically to defend the books and our freedom to read. 
But during these challenges, the voices of readers are rarely heard. Especially the voices of young readers. 
I can defend my book, the NCAC can say why the book is valuable for teens -- but that isn't nearly as powerful as testimonials from readers.
Could you help?
If Eleanor & Park was important to you -- or to your students -- could you write a letter saying so? 
It doesn't have to be long. And you don't have to be a teen to share your experience. (Though, again, the NCAC would really love to hear from young adults.)
If the book made you laugh or cry... If it changed the way you see yourself or other people...  If you thought to yourself, "I'm so glad to be reading this while I'm in high school"... Or "I wish that I'd had this book in high school ..."
Please, write it down and send it to the NCAC. They'll be so grateful.
And so will I.
Here's the address -- 
19 Fulton St., Suite 407
New York, NY 10038

Or email  --

A short story for World Book Day

BRITISH AND IRISH READERS: I have something coming just for you!

“Kindred Spirits” is a short story I wrote for World Book Day, a celebration of books and reading for kids in the UK and Ireland. 

It will be available in bookstores (online bookstores, too) on February 25th, the same day that the Carry On paperback is released in the UK.

You may have heard that “Kindred Spirits” is a book; it’s actually a short story – about a girl named Elena camping out to see the new Star Wars movie.

The “for older readers” badge just means “for older schoolchildren.” My books are normally 14+. This story doesn’t have any cursing (there might be a “damn” in there), and there isn’t a hint of sex or violence. So maybe it’s 11+?

Anyone can buy it, and it reads like my other YA books, I think.

I was supposed to go to London for the big World Book Day Teen Fest, but, honestly, I’m too exhausted to make it. (Last year was an anvil that fell on me.) BUT THE PARTY WILL GO ON. Queen of Teen Juno Dawson will be there, as well as Sara Barnard, author of Beautiful Broken Things. (There’s a sample of Beautiful Broken Things at the back of “Kindred Spirits.” Check it out!) 

And I’m still going to try my best to make it to the UK soon. I love it there. And I’m all out of M&S breakfast tea.

(AMERICAN READERS: “Kindred Spirits” will probably be available here next year, in some form or another. Stay tuned.)

Five things you need to know about 'Carry On'

1. Carry On comes out Oct. 6th in the U.S. and Oct. 8th in the UK.

You can order signed copies from my hometown bookstore, the Bookworm. Just make a note of who you would like the book personalized to. 

2. It's a standalone fantasy novel about Simon and Baz, two characters you first met in Fangirl. 

4. I'm going on tour!

Check out my events page for more details. And check with individual libraries and bookstores for RSVP and ticket info. I'm excited to visit a few brand new cities. (Chicago! St. Louis!) 



4. There are playlists.

Here are two playlists I made while I was writing, one for each main character. I always make playlists as I write, and they follow the plot and mood of the book. So ... beware of mood spoilers!

Here's Baz.
And here's Simon.


5. I really, really hope you like it. 

Throw your own launch day party!


Pre-order Carry On now and you could receive everything you need to celebrate bookworm-style on launch day – a limited edition dust jacket that you can color yourself, Simon and Baz temporary tattoos, one of six snazzy badges, balloons – even Carry On tea bags with Simon and Baz on the packets.

BUT DON’T DELAY! These party kits are limited to the first 1,000 readers who upload their receipts.

If you have previously pre-ordered Carry On, you are already eligible to enter – upload your receipt here. U.S. only, unfortunately.




What's up with the Eleanor & Park movie?

I get asked this question a lot, and I always wish I had more news. Here's what I know:

  • DreamWorks optioned the book.
  • I wrote the first draft screenplay.
  • As of now, the film is still moving forward.
  • Casting won't be discussed until a director has signed on.
  • Here are two good interviews from the original announcement -- with Entertainment Weekly and MTV.

Please cross your fingers that everything comes together and actually happens!